Throughout their investment careers, our partners have worked on numerous transactions. Below is a representative sample of the some of the companies they have worked with; our partners have also served on the Boards of Directors of most of these companies.





Partner experience represents investments made by funds led by TWC deal team members at their prior investment firms, some with significant involvement by other portfolio managers who will not be members of TWC’s investment committee or otherwise employed by TWC. There can be no assurance that TWC will have the opportunity to participate in any opportunities similar to the ones described herein. Past experience is not indicative of all or any investments or board participation that may be made by TWC (or made available to its partners), and there can be no assurance that TWC’s investment team will be successful in identifying investments similar to those described herein or otherwise be able to implement a similar investment strategy, achieve similar investment objectives or avoid substantial losses. Recipients should note that past experience is not a guarantee of future experience.